The stitched mat is produced from chopped fiberglass strands randomly dispersed and laid on a roving matrix (or without roving matrix), then knitted together by organic fiber. It is compatible with polyester, phenolic and epoxy resin.

1、Complete products specification width range from 50mmto 2400mm.

2、Even thickness, with wet tensile strength retention.

3、Good mold-ability, good drapability and easy operation.

4、Excellent rollout characteristics and effective reinforcement.

5、Good wet out in resins and high productivity.Type your paragraph here.

Woven roving should be stored in its original packaging in a dry and cool place. Best conditions are at temperatures from 15 to 35°C and humidity between 35 and 65%.

Product characteristics:

Application range:

Stitched mat is mostly used primarily in pultrusion, RTM, filament winding, compression molding and lay-up processed. Typical products include pultruded pipes, storage tanks, wind generator blades and other FRP products.

Stitched Mat


CYS glass fiber