If no special requirements, it should be stored in cool and dry place. Don’t open the package before using to prevent absorbing moisture.


Here prepared two choices of packaging for you: carton and woven bag.

High Silica Needle Mat is made from high silica fiberglass chopped strands through carding and needling process. The silica fibers randomly distribute and wind together during needling process. Silica needle mat possesses 3D structure and highly pore structure with high void content.

Silica Needle Mats with low thermal conductivity, high heat resistance and good acoustic resistance are excellent high temperature insulators. It can be used over long periods without losing the properties and without melting and vaporising at temperatures of up to 1000ºC, and short-time exposure up to 1300°C.


1. Filtration material: high temperature gas and liquid metallurgy industry

2. Thermal resistance material: aircraft and aerospace industries, and other electro- and chemical industries industry

3. Acoustic material: thermal and acoustic insulation applications in automotive and exhaust systems.

Product Features

Health safety: no toxic gases emit, no carcinogenic fiber

Low thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation properties at elevated temperature

High heat resistance as high as 1000℃

Good acoustic insulation at high temperature

Good chemical resistance: inert to majority of chemical reagents, resistant to most acids, weak alkali, alkali salt.

​Technical Parameters

Silica Needle Mat

CYS glass fiber