Technical Parameters:

Product Feature:

Fiberglass roving should be stored in its original packing in a dry and cool place. Best conditions are at temperatures from 15 to 35℃ and humidity between 35 to 65%. To ensure safety and avoid damage to the product, the pallets should not be stacked more than three layers high, when the pallets are stacked in 2 or 3 layer, care should be taken to correctly and smoothly move the top pallet.

1.       Good choppability and good gathering.   

2.       Good dispersion and lay down.

3.       Low static, excellent mechanical properties.

4.       Excellent mold flowability & wet out.

Type of glass: E

Filament diameter (um): 13±1um

Linear density: ±5%

​Moisture content: ≤0.10

​LOI: 1.20±0.15

SMC roving

E glass SMC roving CYS-E326 is coated with a high performance compound sizing compatible with unsaturated polyester resin, vinylester resin and so on. It is mainly used to produce automotive parts, doors, chairs, bathtubs, SMC water tanks and sports instruments etc.



CYS glass fiber